Packers improve to 2-0

The Packers handled there business on sunday vs. the Bills. This was a game the Packers were supposed to win, and in the second quarter I was not so sure they would. After a fast start in the first where the Packers settled for two field goals and one td. The Bills offense could not get going and finished the quarter with 0 yards. But in the second quarter the Bills dominated. The Packers offense was not playing well and the Bills scored a touchdown. At half the score was 13-7 Packers. In the second half the Packers dominated the Bills on every level, and the game finished 34-7.
The Packers didn’t play well in the first half but in the second half they played great. Clay Matthews got 3 more sacks and is now on pace for 48 on the season. That is very unrealistic, but with the way Clay is playing I wouldn’t be surprised to see him hit 20 by the end of the season. The Packers will play the Bears next week on Monday Night Football in Chicago. Chicago is 2-0 like the Packers, so the winner will take the NFC North lead.

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