Manny done in LA?

Manny Ramirez has been on and off the DL this season, and has not produced in the batters box. He has a huge contract and the Dodgers want Manny out. Although the trade deadline has passed the Dodgers can still make a deal for Ramirez through waivers. There has been a lot of rumors lately that the Dodgers will place him on waivers this week all though it hasn’t happened yet. The team that is said to be to going after Manny is the Chicago White Sox. They need a big bat in the middle of their lineup and Manny is the right guy for the job. He will be the DH so he won’t have to run on the field to play defense. This lowers the risk of injury for 38 year old Ramirez.

The Dodgers are really struggling of late and it doesn’t look like they will make the playoffs. They can’t score any runs and have been battling injuries all year. One bright spot is pitcher Ted Lilly who hasn’t lost as a Dodger. Its a shame that they can not put together a string of wins to make a run at the playoffs. But it can happen, if their offense gets hot and their pitching goes late into ball games. It isn’t likely at all but anything can happen.

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