NFL to go to an 18 game season?

There has been a lot of talk lately that the NFL season is too short, and the preseason is too long. The NFL is looking into this problem and wants to do something about it. The talk around the league is that starting in the 2012 season there will be an 18 game season.

I am all for extending the NFL season. I am a huge football fan, and i don’t see the point of playing four games before the regular season to prepare your team. It gets boring, and players are ready to go after two practice games. The season would get underway sooner, and there will be more games that actually matter. I feel that the NFL season goes very fast, and there could be and should be more games before the playoffs. This would make the season a lot more exciting and heated playoff races. There are some down sides to this though. With more games, that means the players wanted more money. This could be a real issue and cause players to hold out. But in the end I think the players will agree with the 18 game season, and football fans everywhere will be happy.

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