NBA Finals Game 4 Recap

The NBA Finals are tied at two games a piece after a great performance from the Boston Celtics bench in the fourth quarter. Going into the fourth the Lakers were ahead 62-60. They were playing pretty good, and Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol were doing all the scoring. Andrew Bynum did not come out of the locker room for the start of the second half due to his hurt knee. He came out from the locker room a little into the third, but did not come into the ball game until the end of the third. Going into fourth the Lakers had a two point advantage, but it would quickly go away.

In the fourth quarter the Celtics bench dominated the Lakers starters. Glen Davis was getting every rebound and scoring, Nate Robinson was making threes, and getting into the lane for easy layups. This would be fine if it was happening against the Lakers bench, but it happened against the starters.

The world champions were getting dominated by Nate Robinson, who got no playing time in New York, and Glen Davis who is 6-8 playing against Lamar Odom who is 6-10. But that didn’t matter Davis dominated Odom, taking him to the cup every time he got the ball. If that was my first NBA game I had ever seen I would have thought that Glen Davis was obviously better the Lamar, and he and Nate Robinson were NBA all-stars. That is how bad the Lakers defense was in the fourth, and how good the Celtics bench was. I think if the Celtics starters played the fourth instead of the bench, the Lakers would be looking at a 3-1 series lead. I know that is hard to believe, but tonight the bench of the Celtics out played, and out hustled the Lakers and their own starters. These NBA Finals are really getting interesting, and the Lakers better play better in game 5 or they will be down 3-2 going back home.

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