NBA Finals Game 2 Recap

The NBA Finals are tied 1-1 after the Boston Celtics went into Staples Center and beat the Lakers in game two. In game one the Celtics did not play good defense and were less aggressive than the Lakers. But in game two Boston showed that they had not lost their defensive skills. Also they were much more tough than they were in game 1. It all payed off and the Celtics won game two 103-94.

The difference in game two was Ray Allen. After a horrible game one, Ray bounced back with one of the best shooting performances in NBA Finals history. He shot 8-11 from three and ended with 32 points. If he had not been hitting as many threes as he did, the Lakers would have probably won the game. Kevin Garnett was not a factor, and Paul Pierce had a tough shooting night. The Lakers played good defense on everyone but Ray Allen. Derek Fisher was on him for the most of the game and had trouble staying with Ray, who moves without the ball so well. Look for Sasha Vujacic to have more minutes in game three because he is quick and is a good match-up for Allen. The Celtics were leading for the whole first half, but the Lakers tied the game in the third and it was a close game to the end.

The Lakers got back into the game with great play from Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum. Andrew was very active and was moving well. Pau Gasol played great, and seemed to be the Lakers number one option with Kobe in foul trouble. In the end they combined for 46 points and 14 rebounds. In the fourth quarter the lead was going back in fourth, but late in the quarter the Celtics were getting a lot of second chance points, and were making the hustle plays. Some questionable calls lead to the Celtics going on to win the game by nine points.

Now the series shifts to Boston for three games. The Celtics were not a great home team in the regular season, but they still are tough to beat at the Garden. The Lakers need to win at least one for the series to come back to LA. I don’t think one will be enough though because the Celtics will still be up 3-2 going back to LA, and they are a good road team. If the Lakers want to win the Finals Kobe Bryant needs to play better than he did in game 2. Also Lamar Odom needs to pick up his play in Boston. Bynum and Gasol have been doing their job, and if Odom plays better in the Boston the Lakers will be unbeatable. They also need to contain Ray Allen and make sure he doesn’t have many open looks from three. It will be hard in Boston for the Lakers, but they are capable of winning there and should get the job done.

Here is a look at the Lakers Box Score in game two from :

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