NBA Finals Game One Recap

The L.A Lakers got out to a 1-0 lead in the NBA Finals on Thursday night. They are three wins away from raising banner number 16 to the rafters. The Lakers did it tonight with defense. They held the Celtics to 89 points, while the Lakers scored 102. So much for Boston being the better defense team. Also the Lakers showed that they are a physical team too. They were knocked in 2008 for being a weak team and Pau Gasol being soft. But in the 2010 NBA Finals Pau dominated Kevin Garnett and was the more physical player. In 2008 he was not comfortable with his role with the Lakers, and was still getting used to the triangle. But this year Pau is comforable and showed that he is the best big man in the game. Pau Gasol ended up with 23 points and 14 boards, and his counter part Kevin Garnett had 16 and only 4 boards. As a team the Lakers had 16 chance points, and the Celtics had 0. That shows great boxing out by the big men and also it shows the Lakers wanted game one more than the Celtics. They wanted the ball more.

Ron Artest was very aggressive on Paul Pierce, and was also hitting his shots. He showed that he was not going to back down from the challenge. One minute into the game Artest and Pierce got tangled up and it resulted in a double technical. That got the crowd fired up and the Lakers fed off their energy. Artest finished with 15 points (5-10 from the field). LA dominated game one in every way, but this was only the first game. The series is far from over even though Phil Jackson is 47-0 when he wins game one of a series. In game 2 the Celtics will play like its a game 7, and the Lakers are going to need to match their energy and play as tough as they did on Thursday if they want to go up 2-0 in the NBA Finals.
Here is some post game reactions:

Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.
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