Lebron James…. Where Will He Go?

All the talk around the NBA the past couple of weeks has been where will superstar Lebron James end up? He can opt out of his contract if he would like to leave his hometown and go play elsewhere. I don’t see any chance that he will want to stay in Cleavland. I just don’t see that Cavs team winning a NBA Finals. I don’t think Lebron sees it either, and he wants to win now. So where does Lebron want to go? Nobody knows what he is thinking, but their are some possible teams that look like a good fit for Lebron. Here are some places where he may end up:

Los Angeles Clippers: Don’t have a great chance with Kobe already here in LA, but Eric Gordan and Blake Griffin are two very good young players that might catch Lebron’s interest.

New Jersey Nets: Have a slight chance because of Lebron’s good friend Jay-Z (part owner), but them not getting the first pick may cause Lebron to look to the other team in New York.

New York Knicks: Great chance because of all their free cap space. They can bring in Lebron and another superstar like Chris Bosh.

Chicago Bulls: Also great chance for Lebron James because of young Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah. Also they have a lot of cap space for another player besides Lebron.

I think Lebron will end up in Chicago and will add another superstar to join the party, and Chicago will be back to their winning ways.

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