Lakers Suns Game 4 Recap

We now officially have a series in the Western Conference Finals. The Suns tied the series last night from amazing play by their bench. After missing everything he took, Channing Frye was back to normal hitting 4 threes and scoring 14 points. Not only did Frye go off from behind the three point line, pretty much the rest of the Suns bench could not miss. In all the bench scored 54 points and 9 for 22 from three. The craziest thing of all of this, is the for the most part they did it against the Lakers starters. The starters were leaving the three open constantly and they payed the price. How can 5 bench players from the Suns beat the NBA champions like that? Bad defense, and bad offensive execution. The Lakers were a good defense team this season, and were very good guarding the three, but in the last two games their defense did horrible. Giving up over 115 points in both games in Phoenix. They can’t leave their man and give up the three, and need a way to stop Amare from scoring like he has been the past two games. It is very hard guarding the Suns since they have a great player inside and great three shooting. The Lakers seem to not have a sense of urgency on the defense end, like they did in the first two rounds in the playoffs and in the regular season. But if the Lakers want to go to the Finals they need a way to stop the Suns.

After Game 3 I said the Lakers need to do something about the zone. In game 4 it was the same story. They found them selves shooting too many threes and not getting the ball inside enough. To beat the zone you need good ball movement and penetration. In game 4 Kobe shot many threes and that was what kept LA in the game. If Kobe had been off, it would have been a blowout because Pau Gasol isn’t a factor in the zone. When he gets the ball down low he gets double teamed and sometimes triple teams and is forced to pass it out for a three which is usually a miss. The Lakers need to watch video of the zone and figure out a good game plan to get the ball inside and have good execution if they want to win game 5.

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