Packers Update

The Green Bay Packers had a great season last year but were eliminated by the Cardinals in the first round in a crazy game. The Packers felt like they had the potential to go all the way, but after the first round loss they went back to the drawing board.  In this season coming up the Packers hope to make it all the way with their talented quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the young stud Jermicheal Finely. Jermicheal had an amazing end of the season last year, and really showed his athletic ability. This guy has the potential to be one of the best tight ends in the league. He is a big key to the Packers offense that should be very good next season.

One of the Packers Achilles last year was their offensive line. Aaron Rodgers got sacked a league high 5o times. They addressed this need in the draft when the got big Brian Bulaga out of Iowa. Bulaga can reallt help thier line next season all though he may not start of being the starter.

Right now the Packers are going through OTA’s and pretty much everyone has showed up. There was a lot of buzz in the media about how in Peter Kings pre-pre season power rankings. He ranked the Packers first out of all 32 teams. When asked about the rankings Aaron Rodgers didn’t care, which it doesn’t since there is still so much to be said and done. But the Packers are talented and should make a good run in the 2010-11 season.

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