Lakers Go Up 2-0 in WCF

The Lakers are two wins away from returning to the NBA Finals for the third year in a row. They won behind 29 points on 19 shots from Pau Gasol. Kobe’s 6 game 30 points streak ended but Kobe did other things beside scoring. He had 13 assists and 5 boards. The Lakers are hard to beat when the are scoring over 120 points and there big men are getting anything they want. Ron Artest came up big tonight. He was left open several times behind the three point line and he knocked it down including a big three to end the first. Ron was having a hard time shooting in the first round but he has picked it up since game 3 against the Jazz. He is doing what Trevor Ariza did for the Lakers last year. He also got left open a lot and knocked down the three. Lakers fans were getting frustrated with Ron’s shooting and were missing Trevor Ariza. But Ron is showing that he is not only a defender, he can make the open three too. A big factor in Ron’s shooting is his hands are free of all the tape that he had on them in the end of the season and the beginning of the playoffs.

Lamar Odom followed up his “lucky performance” with another good game scoring 17 and grabbing 11 rebounds. He was not as aggressive as game one but he still found him self getting second chance points and catching the ball close to the basket and laying the ball in. When Lamar is playing how played in game one and game two the Lakers are hard to beat.  Steve Nash has been shut down this series by Derek Fisher who doesn’t get much credit for his defense. Nash has trouble with Fishers size and strength.  After a great start to the playoffs for Nash he hasn’t had it against the Lakeshow.

The Suns made a push in the third quarter with their small lineup. Jered Dudly was playing power forward and Amare was at center. The Suns were very effective in the third, hitting threes and creating turnovers. The score was tied going into fourth but the Lakers dominated the fourth 34-22. The Lakers are shooting the lights out and if the Suns don’t figure out how to cool them down they could be out of the playoffs sooner than they expected.

Here’s the box score for the Lakers from

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