Lakers Suns WCF Game 1

Kobe Bryant was on fire after getting his knee drained and not practicing the whole week. Kobe helped the Lakers to a 128-107 victory over the Suns in game one of the Western Conference Finals.  The Suns are quick and it took the Lakers half of the first quarter to adjust to there style of play. After the Lakers picked up on what they were doing, they pretty much dominated the rest of the game.  Look for the Suns to go a 2-3 zone defense to try to slow down the Lakers big men. That would be a questionable decision though since the Laker can move the ball around very well and in game one they shot 47 percent from downtown which will be open if the Suns go to a zone. Here are some highlights of last nights game…..

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  1. Oliver Scherick says:

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    Good Luck,
    The one they call Fransisco

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